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Entry Requirements for 9th GONG GONG Awards


The Gong Gong Awards is the flagship industry event for the Advertising Industry in Ghana. Over the years the awards have established benchmarks for excellence and ingenuity, rewarding creativity and outstanding innovative works, across all sectors of the industry.

Objectives of Awards

To demonstrate that the purpose of Advertising is to contribute to the success of business, and to reward creativity and strategic thinking that have been developed locally, and added value to local businesses.

2015 Awards

The Gong Gong 2015 Awards is a strategic Industry event. Innovative changes have been made to the event format to reflect global trends in industry events.

Coverage of Awards

The Awards would cover strictly, works that were produced and Transmitted from January to December 2014.

Nomination Categories

Radio/Print/Television/Outdoor/Digital (Online)/Activation

  1. Alcoholic & nonalcoholic beverages
  2. Food & Confectionery
  3. Corporate & Service
  4. Insurance & Financial Institutions
  5. Textile & Fashion/Accessories
  6. Health & Personal care
  7. Telecommunications
  8. Transport
  9. Aviation
  10. Hospitality
  11. Household & Industrial Appliance
  12.  Sports
  13.  Estate Development
  14. Outdoor Structure


Entry Fees

Non-Members  –           GH¢1,000.00

Members             –           GH¢500.00

The deadline for submission of entries is Friday, the 21st. August, 2015.

Judging Process : 24th. August – 28th. August, 2015

Fun Games : 19th. September, 2015

Awards Date : 26th. September, 2015

The Jurors                 

  • Every agency that enters for an award is entitled to send one Juror
  • All Jurors must be Senior Creatives, preferably Creative Directors
  • On arrival, all jurors will attend the Juror’s Seminar
  • Only Jurors who attend the first day may attend the other days
  • Each Juror will be required to sign the Juror Code of Conduct
  • The Juror Foreman will be appointed by AAG, and he/she should be a neutral person with vast experience in the Advertising Industry
  • The same Juror must attend every season, no substitutes

The Juror’s Code of Conduct

 All Jurors will sign a code of conduct that they will:

  • Uphold the integrity and standards of the AAG Gong Gong Awards
  • Not negatively influence the fairness of voting
  • Participate actively in the debate without prejudice



Entry Manager

  • The Entry Manager, appointed by AAG will control all aspects of Entries and of the Jury Process
  • Each Entry will be checked by the Entry Manager to ensure that they conform to the Eligibility Requirements
  • All entries will be devoid of Agency branding or anything that could identify which agency it came from


Deviant Scoring

KPMG will run computer checks on each Jurors Score Sheets to identify Deviant Scoring:

  • Collusive Voting: where two or more judges are giving each other’s entries high scores
  • Aggressive Voting: Where judges are repeatedly giving low or high scores to certain agencies
  • If any patterns of Deviant Scoring come to light, the Entry Manager and The Jury Foreman will use their judgments to decide whether it’s merely a statistical anomaly or whether to exclude those particular juror’s scores


AAG Gong-Gong Awards 2014 Judging Criteria


Weak-                                                                                    1    

Below Average –                                                                    2

Average –                                                                              3   

Above Average –                                                                   4

Outstanding –                                                                       5




Each commercial should be judged on this scale in the following categories.


This is a measure of how the commercial ‘grabs’ you. Consider the following:

  •  Is it memorable?
  • Does it leave a lasting impression?
  • Does it stand out from other commercials in its category


This is the measure of the creative thought behind the commercial. Consider the following:

  • Is it fresh and original?
  • Does it deliver the advertising message in a unique and creative way?
  • Is the idea relevant to the message the commercial is supposed to communicate?


This is a measure of how well the commercial communicates the desired marketing proposition. Consider the following:

  •  What messages do you take-out from the commercial and does the take-out correspond to the stated single-minded proposition?
  •  Does the commercial engage its audience?


This is the measure of how well the commercial has been put together. Consider the following:

  • Has the commercial been well executed?
  • Does the choice of attributes (e.g. sound, color, effects) enhance the commercial’s appeal?


  •  Is the commercial of high production quality?


Judging Process

  1. Each entry will be shown or played and the Entry Manager will read out the


  1. The Juror from the Agency that produced a particular communication abstains from voting for that work
  2. No Agency will be given the opportunity to offer any explanations on any aspect of the process.
  3. Each Juror will fill out a Juror Form with the Entry Number, Brand, and Medium at the top and give each piece of work a score for each criteria
  4. In addition, each Juror will decide if this particular work should appear in the AAG Gong-Gongs 2015 DVD that will be sold, distributed and posted on the web by ticking the relevant box
  5. The Entry Manager will check each Juror Form to ensure that each has the correct Entry Number, Brand, and Medium before placing it in an envelope and sealing it.

Scoring Process

  1. KPMG will collect the sealed envelopes containing the Score Sheets for each Entry
  2. After checking for Deviant Scoring they will begin to collate the winners
  3. Scores will be mathematically evened out to take into account changes in numbers of Jurors due to absence etc.
  4. Highest scoring Entries in each category will get Gold, Silver and Bronze

Awards respectively and the outright highest scoring Entry will win the Platinum


  1. Where there were too few entries or the general standard of entries in a particular category, any entry that scores highest but more than 10% lower than the average score for a Gold, Silver or Bronze AAG Gong-gong award, then no AAG Gong-Gong will be awarded for that particular category.
  2. KPMG, once they have ascertained the winners, they will maintain confidentiality until the night of the event.
  3. KPMG, on the night of the event will reveal the winners live on stage by the opening of envelopes.

Download 2015 Gong-gong awards entry form below:

Form One

Form Two

Form Three

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