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AAG Professional Development Programme

The AAG Professional Development Programme seeks to give middle level advertising executives specialised skills that are relevant to evolving client needs. The first module of the training incorporates the areas of creativity, data and clients.

This module appreciates data as an important tool for enhancing creativity and managing clients at every stage.

Mr Russel Eni 30th March   Ideas the live forever – Creating Insight based timeless work, the pain and glory. Virtual 2PM TO 5PM Each Day
Mr Bright Ladzekpo 31st March – 1st April   Data is king – Making meaning from data. Virtual 2PM TO 5PM Each Day
Dr Kenneth Hammond-Aryee 7th – 9th April   The client is king, is he? A partnership mindset that delivers mutual value. Virtual 2PM TO 5PM Each Day

Who can register? Middle-Level Advertising/Marketing Communications Executives.

Registration is free for AAG members. Interested Non members should fill this form with an active contact detail.

Register here:

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