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About Us


The Advertising Association of Ghana (AAG) is the Industry Body and Professional Institute for the Ghana’s thriving and highly potent Advertising and Marketing Communications business. We advise, we analyze, we comment, we educate, we inform, we inspire, we innovate, we lobby, we promote, we set standards and we reward marketing Communications that work. The AAG is non-profit making organization and is funded by member subscriptions.

We are a spokesman and servicing body. As a spokesman, we represent Ghana Advertising and Marketing Communication interest to Government departments, Unions and Media Owners. We also work closely with other National and International Advertising Associations. As a service body, we set operational standards for the Industry through our advisory, training, and information services. We also run an Award Scheme to show how advertising
works. Our most famous is THE GONG GONG AWARDS.
The Gong Gong Awards is the flagship industry event for the Advertising Industry in Ghana. Over the years the awards have established benchmarks for excellence and ingenuity, rewarding creativity and outstanding innovative works, across all sectors of the industry.
Objectives of Awards
To demonstrate that the purpose of Advertising is to contribute to the success of business, and to reward creativity and strategic thinking that have been developed locally, and added value to local businesses.

The aims and objectives of the Association are:
1. To promote public confidence in the Advertising profession.
2. To safeguard the common interests of those engaged in or using advertising for the promotion of common action and the institution of protective measures.
3. To encourage the study of the theory and practice of advertising, and the improvement of its techniques, by the institution of study, examination and award of certificates.

4. To establish that efficient advertising in an essential factor in the marketing of goods and services, and in the economic life of the country.
5. To demonstrate the efficiency of the services, that advertising and its associated interests can give to government, industry and the public.
6. To further the adoption of standards or practice in the business relations between media owners, advertising agencies and advertisers.