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Consumers and Brands : What has been the trend?
The definition and true understanding of who a Consumer  has been debated over the years. According to the Oxford Living Dictionary, a consumer is a person who purchases goods and services for personal use.
To the marketing and advertising expert, consumers historically have great influence on Brand. The consumer’s behavior and acceptance of any brand goes a long way to make and break the brand. A study conducted by Medical Alley companies has outline some priority Business seem to give to consumer in recent times. In a press Release shared by Business wire online Portal, Investors are backing Medical Alley companies (A health institute) leading a shift to a consumer- and patient-centric healthcare system. This is because, the global push to a consumer-centric healthcare industry, informed the Medical Alley companies develop novel solutions to tackle the biggest disease challenges, lowering costs, and improving quality.
In 2017, CNBC Africa published an article dubbed “Connecting with the Modern African Consumer” where it compared Consumers and  strategies adopted by some brands that’s depicts the Modern African. According to the news portal, the advertising industry, belatedly, is starting to reflect and respect the complexity and density of a market that, to date, generally has been treated as a lumpen mass with a singular identity.
The South African Customer Satisfaction Index (SAcsi) for supermarkets also revealed that South African consumers are most satisfied with Woolworths in 2017, after winning last year as well. Consumers have power and influence on products and brands can’t be over-emphasized.
Many challenges faced by Brand builders and advertisers have more to do with Communication. Language is a key feature of every advertising art work. Fact is that most consumers are proud citizens of various countries Worldwide. The article Connecting with the Modern Africa Consumers”, announces how Africans idolize their various culture and ideologies, and how they expect brands experts to have these at the back of every creative Copyright. Today, the use of vernacular languages is a key part of relating to this market.
However, Euromonitor in 2017 disclosed ten top consumer trends in 2017. The trends include, aging populations, consumers in training (Most cases parents struggling with work and introducing young people to consumption at early stages), fasting shopping, allure of authenticity, identity in innovation and customization
In the Month of May, the International Advertising Association in conjunction with the Advertising Association of Ghana will assemble experts, professionals and practitioner to dive into some issues pertaining to Consumers trends and Brands. The Africa Rising Conference Reloaded is in Ghana again, and will commence on May 28th at the Kempinski Hotel in Accra, Ghana.
Dubbed “Evolutions of Brands and Consumers: Reinvent or Die”, the conference comes with amazing offers tailor-made for all category of patrons. Registration is still opened to the general public for participation. Interested companies, individuals, International bodies as well as policy makers can register here
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